I would like to thank the staff and doctors of Advanced Pet Clinic for a family like treatment they are giving their customers. They look at their patients with extra care and they are devoted on their profession of taking care of the animals.

It is rare these days to find such service and enthusiasm which is given by the staff. I am happy and overwhelmed by the service I am getting every time I step into the clinic with our dogs. The clinic is very well maintained and clean. The doctors are warm to their customers and don't treat their patients as animals.

I learned about advanced pet clinic from a family friend, and from the day I saw the clinic I just share it to our other friends who also have pets.

Thank you so much again and keep up the good work. Thank you for saving Raine's life. And thank you so much for doing everything for Ricardo.

Sheryl P.

I would like to thank everybody in this clinic from A to Z. at last we have a real pet clinic.

I would advise everyone who cares to have a healthy pet to visit this clinic.

Dr. Azizah Fahad

We really need this clinic...it is a great idea to have it in Riyadh...

I am really Impressed!!

The Phantom

This clinic is amazing!!

Dr. Maged is a great vet to meet A++ service!


In LOVE with this clinic

Thank you all for your hard work