One of the common problem of having parrot is that they are prone to what we called submandibular abscess. There are studies that this is related to hypovitaminosis A. Birds that are eating only seeds have the higher risk of having this abscess. Because seeds have low vitamin A. Deficiency in this vitamin result to squamous metaplasia of the cells under the tongue. Treatment is usually done by surgical removal of the abscess.

Let us take example Coco, a 3years old male, african grey parrot. They brought him here in the clinic because it had a lump under the mandible. The owner observe the lump was about 2weeks. Vital signs normal, having good appetite and active. No test done with the bird.

Coco was schedule for surgery. He was put on gas anesthesia. The incision site was thoroughly clean before it was opened. The abscess was squeezed out from the incision wound. Then it was flushed inside by normal saline solution and followed by antibacterial flushed. Finally the incision site was cleaned and an antibiotic injection is given in the breast muscle.

Prevention of this abscess is by giving a balance diet.

Cleaning the incision site.

Pressing the abscess to the incision

After the surgery

Abscess that was removed from the bird