Parrot sometimes suffer from obstruction in breathing that may result to rhinolith. Rhinolith is also means nose stone. It can be cause by accumulation of the debris like blood, nasal discharge or dust in the nostrils. Other causes can be vitamin A deficiency or infections like viral, bacterial or fungal. This usually start with small nuclei then eventually become bigger through time. If not treated, this will become big that may result to necrosis of the surrounding tissue inside the nostrils.

An african grey parrot named Coco was brought in the clinic because there is something obstructing on nostril of the bird for more than 1month. Physical examination the bird had normal temperature, good appetite and active. The bird was immediately undergone surgery. It was put on general anesthesia. The stone was carefully removed but the stone left a bird hole in the nostril. The bird was injected with antibacterial medicine. Coco go home at the same day.

Always clean the cage, avoid exposure to dust, smoke or perfume. Prevention of rhinolith is cleanliness of the surrounding of the bird.

After the surgery

Dr. Russel