Paraphimosis refers to the dogs inability to retract its penis back in to the sheath usually occurs after erection, these medical condition can occur in male dogs and cats at any age.

Causes of the paraphimosis include a small preputial opening, foreign objects around the penis, constructing band of hair at the orifice, trauma, congenital deformity, penile neoplasia or hematoma.

The exposed penis quickly becomes edematous because its venous drainage is compromised and treated depends upon the cause or longer duration.

For example 2 years old male Pomeranian dog came to our clinic with paraphimosis, 5 days ago the condition become serious when irritations and dryness occur on the surface of the penis into contact with environmental surface , additional edema, bladder enlargement and discomfort.

Treatment was done by applying lubricant to the glans penis, gently to try press it back into the prepuce, put urinary catheter, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics course.