Diarrhea or bowel movements that are loose and watery may be caused by a variety of agents aside from drastic changes on diet. It can be an inflammatory condition, viral, bacterial, worms or even protozoan parasites. Veterinarians will try to rule out each condition thru physical exam and laboratory work.

A rescued kitten was brought in at ADVANCED PET CLINIC for treatment. Watery diarrhea was observed by the owner. Kitten has a good appetite despite condition. Fecal samples was taken and shows Isospora cysts as shown on the images.

Coccidiosis are one-celled parasites that live primarily in the intestinal tracts of their host. It can mostly affect kittens and puppies. Severe malodorous diarrhea, weight loss, and dehydration are its clinical symptoms. The patient improved within 48 hours after providing specific antibiotic. Stress and other infections can exacerbate condition. Treatment is geared primarily to address dehydration and a specific antibiotic to address the protozoan infection.