One of the most common problem in dog’s eye is corneal ulcer. Usually the outer layer of the cornea become thin and eroded. Clinical signs observed with corneal ulcer are blood shots eyes, cloudiness, and intense eye pain, excessive tearing and inflamed eyelids. This ulcer have a lot of causes. It can be bacterial, viral, protozoal or fungal infection. Other causes can be trauma or laceration on the eye by scratching or something solid touches the eye.

Let’s take example Macky a 2years old male Shihtzu. They brought in the clinic due to the ulcer on its left eye for 5 days. He had good appetite, vitals ok, no fever and active. He was given antibacterial (gentamicin) eye drops for 2weeks and the left eye become normal again.

If the treatment did not worked and it became worse. The last resort is to do eye enucleation or removal.