Pyometra or pus-filled uterus is a serious and life threatening infection characterized by abnormal uterine endometrium with secondary bacterial infection. It also occurs because of hormonal imbalance in reproductive tract. This is a condition encountered in both feline and canine species was commonly seen in the clinic. It is more common in female animals that are not yet spayed. Secondary infection occurs because of hormonal changes in the female reproductive tracts.

There are two kinds of pyometra infections; closed and open pyometra. In open pyometra, pus will be noticeable in the vagina from the uterus due to an open cervix is open while closed pyometra, there is no noticeable purulent discharge from the vagina as the cervix is closed. The pus remain in the uterus continually filling it up causing the abdomen to distend.

A similar case has been noted in a 10 – year old female intact Persian cat who was brought to the clinic with a noticeable abdominal distention, loss of appetite or anorexia, weight loss, lethargy and panting for a couple of weeks. The cat underwent caesarean section before. Palpation of the abdomen elicited pain.

A plain X-ray showed a swollen uterus while the complete blood count did not show any abnormalities which is common in closed pyometra


The preferred treatment of choice is ovariohysterectomy or permanent removal of uterus and ovaries. The procedure was carried out and the cat was back to normal after few days.

Dr. Rico