The skin is the largest organ of the dog’s body. It functions as a protective barrier against the environment, sense of touch and regulates body temperature. All animals have normal bacterial population on the skin. When the skin of your pet become irritated due to allergy, abrasions, cut or wounds, there is a high risk to be infected.

Pyoderma is a skin bacterial infections in dogs, cats and other animals. It is characterized as pus filled swelling in the skin. This skin condition can be caused by bites from fleas, allergy from foods, abrasions or from environments. The infection can occur in the superficial or deep part of the skin.

One example was the 1 year old, male mixed breed dog brought in the APC complaining for his redness, itchiness, pimple like lesions and rashes in the skin for 1 week. Physical examination revealed that all vital signs were normal, pink mucous membranes, temperature was 38.7 C, lung sounds were clear, heartbeat was normal and hydrated. Upon examination on the skin, there were alopecia or loss of hair, rashes, redness, small raised lesions and pus within the lesions.

Wood lamps was done and it’s negative for ringworm. Complete blood count was done and the result revealed bacterial infections.

Treatment given were oral and topical antibiotics for 14 days. Routine bathing with medicated soap and proper hygiene’s for your pets can reduce the incidence of infections.

Dr. Rico Pangan