This highly contagious disease can infect the skin,hair and nails occur in humans and in all domesticated species of animals lead to circular areas of hair loss with red rings may or may not be irritated and itchy,skin lesions that typically appear on the head ,ear and forelimbs can spread over a cat's entire body .

A cat can get ringworm directly through contact with infected cat or indirectly through contact with bedding ,dishes or other metarials ,young cats under a year old are most often indected.

Many cases come to the clinic like lucy 1 year old female cat come with round patches of skin with hair loss in head, chest ,ear and forlegs we examined in adark room undr aspecial ultrviolat lamp called wood's lamp show clear fluorescence give apostive result ,

another method for identifying ringworm is fungal culture in alaboratory.

Ringworm treated with antifungal such as miconazole or thiabendazole topical cream or spry in mild cases like lucy in more severe cases oral tretment is genrally used ,when use topical medciation must be shaved completely to success tretment .