It a disease that may cause lesions on the skin of dogs. Lesion like blister filled with pus is very common. Puppies are commonly affected because their immune systems are not fully develop especially under 1year of age. It is also known as staph infection because the primary causative agents are staphylococcal bacteria. Staphylococci bacteria are always on the skin and when the immune system of the affected dog become compromised they will start to produce the lesion. Impetigo lesions are commonly seen on the belly, face and chin of puppy. These lesion sometimes easily ruptured when touched and will produce dried flakes.

Let us take example Rokyu, it is a 3month female Labrador retriever which had impetigo on the abdomen. She was treated with topical antibacterial cream and within 1week there is a visible improvement.

The problem with this disease is highly contagious. If one of your puppy or adult dog show these lesions is better to separate it from the other while doing the treatment. Treatment depends on how severe the infection. Sometimes topical antibacterial ointment will do the trick, but is severe cases oral or injectable antibacterial medicines are necessary.