Tumors are abnormal growth of tissues. It is part of the aging process. We should give consideration to the quality of life our fur babies especially as they age. See your veterinarian regarding such conditions. They can explain to you and the best approach regarding these abnormal growths and make the best decision.

Lucky, a 10 year old spaniel visited ADVANCED PET CLINIC – KHOBAR for a growth on its 4th digit on its right forelimb that has been bleeding for a month. The enlarged mass was seen effusive and inflamed as shown on image.

It has affected the dog’s gait and the owners have been giving oral antibiotics and wound management but to no avail. Due to the duration, mobility of the animal that is already affected, and the persistent bleeding that can be a focal point of future infections, Lucky was recommended for surgery. Squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the most common tumors that can be seen on toes of our beloved pets. Surgical amputation of the affected digit is the best approach to this type of conditions.



Amputation means cutting a portion of the body, in this case the 4th digit as shown on the radiograph. Oral antibiotics and pain management will be provided post surgery. This kind of procedure may alter our pets cosmetically but will improve Lucky’s quality of life which is of paramount importance and less worries for the fur parents.